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Territory Sales Manager

Location:  Home Based in Western Canada (near a major airport).

There is an exciting new opportunity for Canola Growers in Canada. Our client, Rotam North America, (along with the Bio Tech company Cibus), is launching a new Non-GMO SU Tolerant variety of Canola in Canada this fall.

As Rotam’s first person on the ground in Canada you will have an extremely varied and changing role. For the first year there will be lots of field work; talking to the farmers who are growing the demonstration plots and introducing Rotam and the SU Canola technology to the market. You will be relationship building with industry influencers, planning sales tactics and executing on-the-ground sales.  As new products come on stream and the business grows, your responsibility will evolve to be more strategic and managerial, at a senior level.  You will be Rotam’s Canadian Market expert and looked to for guidance and direction as the business grows.  

Sales of Rotam’s DRAFT® Herbicide will be directly tied to the purchase of Cibus’ SU Canola seed.  Therefore, even though you are working for a crop protection company you will spend a lot of time promoting the seed.  

With competitive yields and “Non-GMO” designation, SU Canola offers growers premium contract opportunities, superior weed control and herbicide resistance management.  

NOTE: Rotam’s Draft® herbicide is the only sulfonylurea that is registered for use on Cibus’ SU Canola seed.  Draft® controls many of Western Canada’s toughest weeds including glyphosate resistant weeds.

Rotam, is a global crop protection company with demonstrated success in over 75 countries including the United States, Brazil, China, and the “EU”.  With a broad portfolio and robust pipeline of potential new products, Rotam is uniquely positioned to enter the Canadian crop protection market.  You will be Rotam's first Canadian based employee.
To be considered for this role you must have good agronomy skills.  In addition to this, you must have at least 5 years of actual sales & marketing experience in either crop protection or seed.   Our ideal candidate has territorial managerial experience and the potential to grow in the role as the Canadian business grows.  For the first few years, this job will entail extensive travel within the Canadian prairies, and the occasional international trip.

If you would like to learn more about the job duties, the reporting structure, the company, their plan, their crop protection products, this new SU tolerant canola system, how the job may change over the next 5 years, career advancement, or anything else, please call Steve Peddie at Ag Network. Toll free and confidential: 855 955 9755.  Steve will be happy to answer your questions.   Please do not delay, this job will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate has been located.

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